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Twilight in Danzig

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Based on Siegfried Kra’s own childhood, Twilight in Danzig is an important addition to pre-Holocaust literature and a unique chronicle of European Jewish culture that reads like a thriller.

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Based on Siegfried Kra’s own childhood, Twilight in Danzig is an important addition to pre-Holocaust literature and a unique chronicle of European Jewish culture that reads like a thriller.

Young Jonas Kruger’s parents. are scions of Danzig society, his father a coal merchant, his mother a lovely socialite. But the rise of Hitler in 1933 forces them to examine their identity and make difficult moral choices: Jonas’ governess secretly enrolls him in the Nazi Youth; Mr. Kruger buys open tickets on the Queen Mary, but keeps his family in Danzig, hoping the madness will blow over.

But soon the anti-Jewish laws will reach Danzig and the Krugers will face the most difficult decision of their lives: whether to try to reform and resist from within, or to flee penniless to a country that doesn’t want them, leaving their larger family to an unspeakable fate.


SIEGFRIED KRA emigrated, with his family, from Danzig, Germany to New York in 1939. He attended CCNY, then went to medical school in France and Switzerland before completing his training at Yale. In his practice as a cardiologist, he has treated tens of thousands of patients. Kra has published over a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction. In addition to medicine and writing, his passions include opera, growing orchids, and tennis, which he still plays weekly at age eighty-six. He also still teaches as an Associate Professor of Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine and Quininipac University Netter School of Medicine.

Kra has been an advocate for people, without prejudice for religion, gender, age, race, religion or politics for his entire medical life. He has been interviewed by CNN, ABC & CBS. For eights years, Kra was on NPR every Thursday from 1982 to 1994, He was on The Regis Show, Religious shows like Club 500, The Smithsonian in Washington and more, as well as a guest speaker at libraries in NY.


The First Edition of Twilight in Danzig, was non-fiction and titled Twilight in Danzig: A Privileged Jewish Childhood During the Third Reich, Canal House, 2015


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4 reviews for Twilight in Danzig

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gary A. Wilson

    “Twilight in Danzig is based on a true story, told through the childlike, naive, but mature eyes of a young boy whose family, because of their wealth and friendship with the nobility of Danzig, is buffered against the rising power of Hitler. I was immediately drawn into this fascinating story. You want to shout out to his proud and misled father ‘Leave Danzig now while your son and wife are still alive.’ Jonas is horribly tricked by his governess to join the youth supporters of Hitler because it is much more fun than the Jewish youth group his parents think he is still attending. He discovers, with shame, just how wrong he is. He severs his ties to Hitler and his governess, but because of his age, cannot do much to correct his wrongful involvement.

    The story of this family is unique due to the great wealth they had and lost. It adds another dimension to the personal hardships and loss suffered by many at the hands of the Third Reich. No Jew was safe during this period. They finally attempt to leave Danzig and their privileged life. It is a very personal story and one that recounts the hopelessness of coping in a world controlled by a treacherous leader. I highly recommend this book. If you don’t read it you are missing a treasure.” – Gary A. Wilson, Ph.D.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick Zitter

    Kra’s extraordinary book Twilight in Danzig, is a stunning portrait of a city under siege at the birth of the Nazi regime in 1932 and 1933. I enjoyed it so much….I was struck by many patterns that emerged–and often we forget that day to day life for Jews in Germany became worse as the years went on; indeed, if Jews had not emigrated by 1934, they were stuck and sent off to concentration camps. – Rick Zitter

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren Grosskopf

    One might not guess this novel was written by a doctor, one who has saved so many lives, in opposite pursuit of the fascists he escaped. While he is that, Kra is also an exceptionally gifted author, who writes with a natural eloquence, charm, grace and depth. Complete with a richness of plot, characters and suspense, Twilight in Danzig reads like cinema.

  4. Irwin M. Braverman MD, Yale Medical School

    On behalf of the group I want to thank you for presenting your remarkable life story today. Everyone was fascinated and it generated a lively discussion which is what we hope each presentation will do.

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