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Speak to the Mountain: The Tommie Waites Story



Speak to the Mountain: The Tommie Waites Story is a special book about a unique woman, Tommie Waites, who started from dire poverty in the Ark-La-Tex region of the country and overcame one powerful force after another until she emerged as a leading Christian evangelist. The book, written by Tommie’s daughter Bessie, clearly documents in words and photos just what kind of life a poor black family could expect in the Deep South before, during, and after the Depression. Dr. Blake chronicles her mother’s determination to overcome mountains of poverty, illness, spousal abuse and racism, as well as gender bias in the country as a whole and in the ministry. Reading about the struggles of Tommie Waites, one can’t help but recognize that the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow has been horror and deprivation but that it has also been a strengthening of spirit and determination for those who fought and survived. Tommie Waites didn’t just survive, however; she thrived. She struggled and she won. This is the story of one of America’s many unsung and humble heroes, a story which will not only teach its reader about American history but also move a reader to tears and, ultimately, to passion and action.

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but always gives credit to God for giving her the opportunity to succeed. Admittedly, hope and love for each other. –Paula Henderson – RAWSISTAZ Review, they still maintained their sense of pride, Waites expresses her observations about life in general and her journey in particular with (pardon the pun) amazing grace. She never credits herself for being a survivor




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