We are currently unable to accept any submissions at this time. We are a very small press and overbooked. You can always check back in a year or 2. In the meantime, we have many great books if you would like to further familiarize yourself with our press and give yourself the gift of more captivating, unique reads. All the best of luck! Thank you.

Hybrid Publishing

Pleasure Boat Studio has entered a new phase of publishing, having become a hybrid/non-profit press. Hybrid publishing is a common way that modern day indie pubs stay afloat in this competitive and over-saturated market. The dream is to have PBS books find a home on plenty of shelves and bedside tables, in the hands of commuters, café goers and beach basquers. You get the idea.

At this time, we can only publish 1-2 books per year. It is hard to turn away authors we wish we could work with, but having gained some experience in this field, it is presently the only sustainable solution.

If we should decide to work together in some capacity on your project, here are 3 possible options:

  1. Do a kickstarter or fundraiser to raise $2000 – $3000 for your book, for design, editing, PR, arcs for review, and setting up a few readings. Extra money can go towards advertising or contests. We can help you raise funds or you can pay out of pocket.
  2. If you hire outside PR to send out your books for review, arrange interviews, and set up your reading tour, the cost will be $600, to cover the cost of the books being shipped for review, along with the letters, press releases, packaging and shipping.
  3. If we are not to be your publisher, but you’d still like to work with us on your design and editing, please see our list of services below.

What is included in our publishing package for $2,000:

  • Editing: We have 2-4 editors that edit in turn, providing expansive, detail-oriented copy-editing and suggestions. We send out for a galley proof for final edits before the final proof. The second or third proof will end up being the final.
  • Design of Cover through Adobe Illustrator and photoshop
  • Formatting of Interior with InDesign
  • Design of Press Releases with pages, exported to word and PDF
  • Design of ads and bookmarks upon request
  • Ordering of ISBN, Barcode and Library of Congress Number
  • Set up fees through Ingramspark $25/cover, $25/Interior file, and for every change thereafter
  • ebook conversion and distribution through ebooks2go
  • Distribution channels: SPD, Baker & Taylor, B&,, Brodart, Pleasure Boat Studio. Placed in the data base of Bowker.
  • Access to ad, contest and expo discounts through our membership with IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).
  • Sending out 25 books for review, which includes the printing and shipping of books, the Press Release and letter printing, padded envelopes and shipping to reviewers, the free books you receive in your contract, 50% off price for future book buying. Any more books you want sent for review or special contacts, will be incur an additional cost.
  • PR – Arranging for author interviews and book reviews, placing ads and promotional media
  • Booking readings and events in tandem with the author. We really appreciate authors who work hard to sell their books, and readings are a great way to gain exposure and get the word out.
  • We recommend finding as many colleagues and friends as you can to post reviews on Amazon, here and Goodreads. The more reviews you get, the more attention is paid to your book.

For separate design and editing services: 

  • Editing $400
  • Book Cover $400
  • Interior Formatting $400
  • Bookmarks $25
  • Ads $100/Ad
  • Press Releases $50