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If you would like to have your work considered for an upcoming black and white zine email I will reply one way or another if your work seems fitting for Pleasure Boat. 

No manuscript submissions will be accepted for up to 2 years. Thank you!

Hybrid-Cooperative Publishing

Pleasure Boat Studio is now a nonprofit press. Hybrid-Cooperative publishing is a common way that modern small presses stay afloat in this competitive, underfunded, expensive and over-saturated current market, which has been forever altered by the internet.

The dream is to have PBS books and ebooks find homes in an expanse of hands, shelves and bedside tables, with commuters, café goers, beach basquers, bathers, fireside readers, and so on. You get the idea.

To try to reach a larger audience requires additional padding for marketing, book trailers, audio books, books for review and inventory. The time and effort to put a book out is also costly. Unfortunately, book sales minus printing and shipping do not provide sufficient means to make ends meet. YET! Perhaps, with marketing dollars, that can change. That being said, having gained some experience in this field, it has become important to charge a certain fee in order to work together for the greatest life we can give your book, and greater success for you. It is hard to turn away authors, based on different financial interests or visions that we wish we could work with, but presently, it is the only sustainable solution.

NEW PROGRAM beginning 2020:

A Board member reads an MS and decides if he/she wants it published by PBS. If  yes, then the Board Member interviews the author on the phone, or in person. If still yes, then author is offered to publish with following terms:

Author responsibility:
    • Payment to PBS of $10 per manuscript page, a tax-deductible payment
    • Provide an email list of at least 100 names
    • Help to promote the book through readings and help find locations

PBS responsibility

    • Professional copy editing
    • Professional design – cover and interior (with author’s feedback)
    • Publication within one year


  • Submission of paperback or e-book to 30 carefully chosen reviewers
  • Above 40 and Author must pay for book and shipping
  • Author suggestions for review copies will be welcomed
  • Author must pay for any cost of purchased review
  • Submission of one reading copy to any bookstore or other venue for an event
  • Development of announcement for print and Internet
  • Announcement—to Author’s mailing list and to PBS mailing list (approximately 400 names)
  • Submission of BOOK to any competitions the Author or PBS feels appropriate (Note: Author must pay for any charge for the competition)
  • Design and submission of any advertisements in print or online (Note: Author must pay charges for any such advertisement)

Royalty: Author receives royalty payment of 50% of net sales. Net sales are calculated as whatever payment is received for the book less 20% for shipping. E.g., if the book sells for $20 and Amazon pays $12, PBS would pay the Author $8 minus $1.60 for shipping.

Other sales: Any other sales of the book (e.g., for movie, TV, podcast, audio) will be attempted by PBS and any resulting sale would be shared at the same rate of 50% for the Author and 50% for PBS.

What else to expect from working with Pleasure Boat Studio:

  • Ordering of ISBN, Barcode and Library of Congress Number.
  • Set up fees through Ingramspark $25/cover, $25/Interior file, and $25 for every change thereafter to either.
  • ebook conversion and distribution to all major ebook distributors through ebooks2go.
  • Distribution channels: SPD, Baker & Taylor, B&,, Brodart, Pleasure Boat Studio. Placed in the Bowker database.
  • Access to ad, contest and expo discounts through our membership with IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).
  • About books: The publisher is responsible for ordering the books for review, which includes the printing and shipping of books, the Press Release and letter printing, padded envelopes and shipping to reviewers, author copies per contract, inventory and SPD orders.
  • Book Clubs receive 30% off bulk orders of 4 books or more should you want to refer people to Pleasureboatstudio / to your specific book.
  • Booking readings and events are coordinated in tandem with the author. We really appreciate authors who work hard to sell their books.
  • We recommend finding as many colleagues and friends as you can to post reviews on Amazon, Goodreads & our website. The more reviews you get, the more attention will be paid to your book by bookstores, libraries and readers.
  • You can help promote your book through author talks at colleges and seeing if colleges would like to use your work as text.
  • Go to book festivals and expos to promote your work.
  • Buy additional copies and sell to bookstores and keep the profits from what you sell.

If we should decide to work together in some capacity on your project, here are some possible financial suggestions:

  1. Do a kickstarter or fundraiser to raise money for your book, for design, editing, PR, arcs for review, and setting up a few readings. Extra money can go towards advertising or contests. We can help you raise funds or you can pay out of pocket.
  2. Apply for a grant. If you see one for a small publisher, please send it our way. If we succeed in receiving money, this can go towards your book as well.
  3. If you hire outside PR to send out your books for review, arrange interviews, and set up your reading tour, the cost will significantly be lowered through PBS.
  4. If we are not to be your publisher, but you’d still like to work with us on your design and editing, please see the list of services:
    • Editing $400
    • Book Cover $400
    • Interior Formatting $600
    • Design work for promotional material such as: Press Release, bookmark, Ads, flyers, postcards $20 / hr