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A zine of local and Pleasure Boat talents – collective-creative: short stories, poetry, essays & art.

Lights illuminate the dark so we can see where we’re going, and see where we are. So, take a glimpse and a ponder into what these contributors have to show you, a spotlight on their sight.

short stories: John Christopher Nelson / poetry: Shin Yu Pai, Jared Leising, Alicia Hokanson, Thomas Walton, Kari Vamaro, Melissa Niño, David Grosskopf, Allison Paul, Michael Dylan Welch, Eileen Duncan, Esther Cohen, Scott Ezell, Judith Skillman, Sherry Rind / essay: Mary Lou Sanelli / art: Nancy Peacock, Jason Bloom, Travis Winn, Lauren Grosskopf


Lights zine—Issue #1

A zine of local and Pleasure Boat talents—collective-creative: short stories, poetry, essays & art

Behind the name: Contemplating one word possibilities, starting with boat-related names as a connection to ‘Pleasure Boat’: mast, anchor, waves, skiff, oar, etc. Then, ‘lights’ came to mind, simple as that and I liked it and stuck with it. It got me thinking of forms of light, natural and man made, and the moods and meanings “Light” can evoke; by what light is cast, at what angle and direction; and what lights can show or reveal, reflect or bare witness to. Lights illuminate the dark so we can see where we’re going, and see where we are. Each form of expression is like a spotlight on an aspect of our very lit up, and sometimes (and often simultaneously) dark world.

Why a zine? To publish a few people I otherwise couldn’t have via a few samples, while providing space for more great talent. Plus, I wanted a way for Pleasure Boat to reach a wider audience, to become more known in Seattle and perhaps beyond. So a fun way to potentially brand, essentially as a bonus. Hoping stores will place it on their racks around town.

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7"x9", Paperback

Publish Date

April 15, 2020

Page/Word Count

112 pages


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