Lee Whitman-Raymond

The Light on Our Faces, and Other Poems



Poetry. This is an expanded edition of Whitman-Raymond’s chapbook, first published by Pleasure Boat Studio in 2000 (and now out of print). These poems show the work of a psychotherapist who is also a fine poet. A reader comes away with an understanding of human nature and of the extreme personal and professional challenges of working with others in so intense a capacity.

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Lee Whitman-Raymond





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and beautifully rendered depictions of the natural world, and hope. The poet seems to speak alternatively in her own voice as daughter, and muse thus carrying us, as readers, author of Kohut, beloved, brought to life on the page and in every instance linked to lived experience: to love, by the undeniable poetry of their telling. –Judy Guss Teicholz, desire, despair, doctor, dream, even uplifting, filled with stunning imagery and each one delivering a subtle yet powerful emotional punch. Reading the poems as a therapist, hurt, I treasured the shock of recognition throughout and have already returned to each poem for further companionship and understanding. As a poetry lover, I was transported by the close yet unique observations of nature, insightful, Loewald, longing, loss, lover, lyrical, memory, mother, patient, patient (and member of the human race), then, therapist, These are wonderful poems: imaginative, through seamless transitions and holding us through necessary confusions. It is all the more paradoxical, too. –Wendy Mnookin




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