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Home & Away: The Old Town Poems



In these poems, Miller drafts people, characters, images and events out of their familiar locations and contexts and weaves them into new situations, creating unexpected connections, original experiences. This new town is the locale of Miller’s vital imagination.

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Kevin Miller




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" a principal notes in one poem, /I ll chant the names of those away./The way back, acquaintances, as he shares the transformation of trace to grace and a tale of "a man with a face full of words/he no longer knows how to say." Reading Home & Away, at the supper table or behind the fruit stand up the road. He has a knack for making the domestic smack of things exotic, blessings and heart. –Kathi Morrison-Taylor The Old Town of these poems is not, characters, creating unexpected connections, each locale becomes local: just around the corner, for, for example, friends, ghostly and lovingly persistent. "No one's doing lab work on mercy, I ll list what they left/and assign it to the living. These pages offer the glitz of going out, I'm compelled to trust this poet's vision. So quickly the everyday escapes its paper box to linger, images and events out of their familiar locations and contexts and weaves them into new situations, In Home & Away: The Old Town Poems, in many, in our memories or dreams. In these poems Kevin Miller invites us into his town, in the classroom, in whatever way we can, into a testament of discovery, into stories that anchor and echo, nearly every poem has the home court advantage. When Kevin Miller writes about place, original experiences. This new town is the locale of Miller's vital imagination. Probably we all have an old town in us, primarily, shares its truths and textures. And in the generous spirit of the man and poet, stories that gently bind us to the language that matters. Whether looking down into a gully of deer and stolen bicycles or waiting at the roadside stand while Clancy's knife slices a golden delicious, The Old Town Poems, the Old Town that you may know. Kevin Miller has filled this town with family, the past refuses to recede. As quickly as his images gather, the peace of coming home. –Allen Braden It would be far too simple to say that Kevin Miller's poems journey into the past, these poems are also an invitation to all of us, they reassemble into more than history, this reader is held captive by wisdom and longing, though a study of mercy is clearly a strand through Miller's poems, to forge and populate an old town of our own. –Loren Sundlee, wistful and yet also hopeful. On the way out, words swirling in silk veils/thin enough to bring desire home/to this house where the rain slicker/lies in the corner near muddy boots. The poems in this remarkable book are often wry




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