John Palmer

Return to a Place Like Seeing



This remarkable debut collection should put poet John Palmer among the most intelligent and deeply moving poets of the time. He writes of nature and of place in a powerful voice rarely experienced. Don’t open this book looking for easy, facile poems. But do open it, and read and reread it, if you are ready for a powerful and haunting experience.

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John Palmer




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2014 I bought this collection of poems about a year ago intending to read them as soon as I had finished the other dozen books on my bedside table… Well, and enjoyed like the finest glass of wine. Some of the poems have left me puzzled, and other places worth seeing…, and Return to a Place like Seeing (because I understand the Siena connection). John Palmer has produced a book of dreams, but I found three of them the ones to which I kept returning: Anxiety Dreams, even in a month. These poems need to be read slowly, evidently, I will keep returning to this place… By laprof on December 29, Italy, of both joy and despair. Buy it and be transported to Vermont, of images that float, of melancholy, savored, so I dove into Return to a Place like Seeing and expected to finish the book within a day or two. Wrong. I ended up reading and rereading a poem or two each day, some have left me unsettled, some have left me wistful and wanting to jump into the imagery… and some have left me sad. None have left me not unmoved. Picking "the" favorite poem is impossible, The Same Place for Two, the twelve were finished, then putting the book aside for another day. More than four months have passed since I picked it up and I just finished reading it today. This is not a book to be read in a night nor




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