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For My Father



Did I pluck my images from your skin? Is it your moon I write about, your voice that pours through my tongue that seeps into my skin like soil following the seam in a stone? Part memoir, part ghost story, For My Father by Amira Thoron, examines the territory of grief and memory, its mysteries and silences. Through poems that are at times lyrical and at times spare, she explores what it means to be haunted by what you cannot remember or never knew.

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Amira Thoron




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/ a tightening / against words / or was it / words / themselves / which coiled / around / my throat / and tugged / until / I would speak) – –Laura Cronk, and the ultimate, by Amira Thoron, even in the depths of savage grief (I chose a cord / for my throat, its leaves and sticks and sea, piercing quest she is on. These are beautifully wrought poems with an inexpressible story behind them. I think this paradox is what calls to us as readers. –Fanny Howe, poet and author of Having Been an Accomplice These poems are like footprints that we follow into a receding horizon. While the poet glances up and down with the hopefulness of an innocent, This book is a requiem. It is also a house. Each room is elegant and spare but with a feral grief coming in at every opening. For My Father, we gladly go with her because of the way she talks about the natural world




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