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Toys from My Attic



Fiction. Art. Memoir. Poetry. Drama. This small book contains various pieces—memoir, short stories, poems, a one-act play, some artwork—all done as humorous commentary on life. A former TV host for studies of museum art, Connor is best known for his paintings. His earlier book, Masters in Pieces (Journey Editions, 1997), illustrated not only his skill but also his humor in putting great works of art together. Of it, Eric P. Nash wrote in The New York Times: “…Magically, Connor whisks away the artifice of art history to forge some deeper connections, and makes us smile all the while.”

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Russell Connor




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2011 This book arrived in the middle of the afternoon when I was supposed to be doing research for my own book, A Wise and Worldly Wit By Jayne Merkel on February 4, and whatever you do, are simply hilarious. Do not buy this book if you don't want to laugh your head off, but I decided to skim a few lines. Over an hour later, complete with imagined correspondence between the artist and the writer, don't give it to a friend who has just had abdominal surgery., having read all the way through without as much as a break for a glass of water, I put it down, my stomach sore from giggling, of course)




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