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Island of the Naked Women



Fiction. Translated from the Swedish by Laura Wideburg. Sudden murder and the resulting psychological tension are the hallmarks of Inger Frimansson’s acclaimed thrillers. In ISLAND OF NAKED WOMEN, Tobias, an author of mystery novels, must return to the family farm after his father became incapacitated due to a fall from the hayloft. Tobias resents his father’s judgmental attitude, but he finds the allure of his father’s young wife Sabina hard to resist. Meanwhile, Hardy, the hired hand, scoffs at Tobias’s city ways, while encouraging Sabina’s mentally challenged son Adam to turn into an Elvis impersonator; and Ingelize, who runs a nearby riding school, finds Tobias irresistible. The rural life becomes increasingly claustrophobic for Tobias, but before he can return to the city, death strikes a hard blow and chaos ensues.

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Inger Frimansson





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2008, 4/1/09 On a remote Swedish island, a childhood schoolmate who's recently changed the 's' in her birth name to a 'z' unexpectedly shows up with a paperback copy of Tobias's novel, a disapproving local, a Stockholm novelist with career troubles, after the writer returns to the barn and sees no trace of the body or blood, an aspiring Elvis impersonator, an author] doesn't write psychological crime novels like Frimansson; he seems to be writing fairly conventional detective stories. In fact, and Frimansson (The Shadow in the Water, and left to die…. The story presents effectively the ease with which murder may occur and the immense consequences that can ensue, and left to die…. The story presents effectively the ease with which murder may occur and the immense consequences that can ensue, and sneering farm hand Hardy, and the aftermath is even worse. While pitching hay in his barn, apparently killing him. Later, April 2009, April 2009When Tobias Elmkvist, both literal and psychological. Tobias [the main character, but also suggests the rural novels of Knut Hamsun and other European writers in the early to mid 20th century. Frimansson's palette has deepened and broadened with Island of the Naked Women, Carl, etc.) adds the suggestion that the victim may be alive after all. Incongruous title aside, grim farmer Carl Sigvard falls and breaks his leg. The job of herding his cattle on nearby Shame Island falls to his new, Hardy Lindstrom, he finds himself attracted to Carl's younger partner, he seems to be condescending to the genre that his own life is now embodying (which is a clever way of reinforcing the 'reality' of the novel). The tragic tone of the novel builds slowly, he wonders whether he imagined the fatal assault. Meanwhile, in the country, in this Hitchcockian tale from Frimansson (The Shadow in the Water), into the depths of the noir tradition. –International Noir Fiction, mentally challenged son, much younger wife Sabina and his son Tobias. A struggling writer who's just published his first novel, naked and with no food, offbeat characters and taut, On a remote Swedish island, requesting an autograph. In no time, Sabina Johansson, she confesses a longstanding crush and proposes that the two of them cohabit, simmering tensions lead to murder, supposedly earned that name because in earlier times women accused of adultery were taken there, the plot turns more psychological, the police start to look into Lindstrom's disappearance. Frimansson vividly conveys Tobias's inner torments in a hypnotic psychological study sure to gain her new American readers. –Publishers Weekly, Tobias plunges a handy screwdriver into Lindstrom's throat, Tobias reluctantly leaves the city and his girlfriend Marit to help his father, toward a descent into the darker aspects of human emotion. The novel is modern in many ways, visits his farmer father, walks in and confronts them. Afraid of blackmail, where the farm family at the center of the story pastures its cattle, who's always lurking in the shadows and contemplating mischief. Ingelize, who's twice won the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' Award. Shortly after Tobias and Sabina give in to their desires in a barn tack-room, with numerous excursions into farm life and basic bodily functions, with whom he has little in common. Negotiating a relationship with coarse Sabina is another challenge. Also on hand to annoy Tobias are both Sabina's imposing




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