Kids for Kids


Art, stories, comics, etc. A ZINE FOR KIDS BY KIDS!


This will be published as an 8 x 10 zine ebook and printed in black and white or full-color with enough pre-orders to afford the color printing costs. There will also be a free downloadable PDF available.

Please email JPEGs, Docs, or PDFs to

Please include name, age, grade, school, and if not in West Seattle, your location.

All kids welcome – preschool, elementary, and middle school

Here’s an option for something creative to do during your free time, that’s not for school or on the screen! Pleasure Boat Studio: A Nonprofit Literary Press, located here in West Seattle, will be putting out a Kids magazine or ‘zine’ to offer a shared space for free-form creativity for kids… a collection of kids‘ arts in this historical year of 2020, a place for kids to share with their peers. come up with your own themes or ideas for stories, poems, comics, haiku, jokes, art, photography, or photos of lego creations, etc. Or feel free to send in something you did for school or over summer, or in the past if you want to contribute but don’t feel like doing anything new. This isn’t meant to be fretted over, anything goes, messy or neat, silly or serious—it’s all accepted and acceptable. Originally, we were going to make two separate zines for elementary and middle school ages. However, they will be now combined, either into two sections or interwoven. This will be made into a vertical 8 x 10 downloadable PDF, with a link on, an ebook through itunes, B&N, and more, as well as a potential for a paperback version if there are enough pre-orders to pay for production. SCROLL DOWN FOR PUBLISHING DETAILS.


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‘kids for kids’

a mini-mag (a zine) for kids, by kids

Children’s art, stories, poetry, comics, thoughts— whether made in school or in free time—will have a place on shelves to be honored and enjoyed as kids are, by us and by each other.

The idea for making a kids for kids zine came about when my daughter, Maude was little because I really love adult-made kids’ books; but I also really adore kid’s creative expressions and felt a pang of why isn’t there work by kids out there? They have these original minds that think of things and in ways adults can’t, and it can be super clever, funny, and interesting. I thought kids would probably love seeing what other kids create and write. They deserve to enjoy each other’s heartwarmingly-imperfect, funny, ridiculous, cute, silly, bizarre, sometimes wildly out of control, and touchingly sloppy styles…in a book. When younger, kids draw and write from a place of unselfconsciousness, acceptance, and contentment. All in all, a creative-collective can be a good thing, whether you’re big or small.

This released during quarantine while connecting remotely in a ‘vira-cation’ for some, while a gruesome life and death battle for others…  Either way, we’ve all been trying to escape a dangerous, invisible threat that could lurk anywhere and possibly put someone else’s life or death in our unwitting hands. Stylish face masks have quickly flooded the streets. With the continued pandemic, zoom schooling, BLM, and concerns for the environment, these themes, historical and momentous as they are, could be themes for kids to explore. Some other ideas: Dreams for the future, innovative ideas with drawings with explanations to reverse climate change, silly comics, jokes, art made outside from nature, photos of lego and clay creations, design an outfit or a futuristic fashion. Get creative, be a part of history in the making, and enjoy!


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