Domain of Small Mercies


New and selected poems by Louis Phillips, author of over 40 volumes of poetry, short fiction, children’s literature, and popular culture non-fiction. This volume is a second collection of new and selected poems by Phillips, the first being Domain of Silence, Domain of Absence.

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Poetry. THE DOMAIN OF SMALL MERCIES is a new and selected poems by Louis Phillips, the second edition of such a work. His previous book, DOMAIN OF SILENCE/DOMAIN OF ABSENCE (2015) also collected new poems with selected older poems. Phillips is particularly well known for the variety of his works, going from very humorous to social commentary and personal loss.


Louis Phillips is a prolific and versatile poet, playwright, and short story writer. He has written more than fifty books for children and adults. His sequence of poems, “The Time, The Hour, the Solitariness of the Place,” was the co-winner in the Swallow’s Tale Press competition (1984). Among his published books of poems are The Krazy Kat Rag and Bulkington. His short story collections include A Dream of Countries Where No Dare Live (SMU Press, 1993), The Bus to the Moon (Fort Schuyler Press, 2002), as well as THE WOMAN WHO WROTE KING LEAR (2008), and MUST I WEEP FOR THE DANCING BEAR (2012), both out from Pleasure Boat Studio. He teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he has been a resident for over forty years.

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