Kickstarting this BOAT!

Pleasure Boat Studio is very grateful for your help. Check out the Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign to contribute to the publishing costs of the next four Pleasure Boat releases. For every $50 pledged, receive a ‘New Release’ or a book of your choice from Pleasure Boat Studio! Be a part of the success and future of this Independent Press. Thank you so much!

The next four Pleasure Boat releases:

Twilight in Danzig by Siegfried Kra: Historical fiction. A captivating story based on Kra’s own life, from his eyes as a child of a wealthy industrialist family, living through the rise of Hitler in the 30’s, to their eventual escape from their beloved home in Danzig, Germany.

The Law of the Unforeseen by Edward Harkness: Poetry. The personal as universal, from thrift store spoon to a mother’s loss, Harkness explores a variety of subjects with a keen eye and insightful expression. Ed is a widely published NW poet.

The Egret by Russell Hill: Mystery/Thriller. This is a stark, straight forward story of revenge at any cost. One man’s obsession to avenge the death of his daughter by tracking down the hit and run driver that sent her to the bottom of the ocean. Hill is a three time Poe Nominee.

Goodbye to Tenth Street by Irving Sandler: Fiction/Historical fiction. Sandler has been a NY art critic since the ‘50s. The stage is 1956-1962, the abstract expressionist movement to the beginning of Pop art. This is a back biting, cut throat art world set in galleries, the Club, The Cedar Tavern, between the sheets, between the agonizing artists, successful artists, dealers, curators, critics… It’s a crisp and intriguing look into America’s art history.

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