If you love indie books, we could use your help!

Do you love indie books? So do we, and we wouldn’t be here without all of you wonderful readers! There are so many treasures here at Pleasure Boat Studio written by an array of stunning talent.

Unfortunately, the piggy bank to effectively support the press, is pretty dry, too dry to buy the necessary books that are needed right now, to send for review, for inventory to fulfill orders, for a few big SPD orders that pay back every few months through consignment sales.

We would be ever so grateful for your community support and help in meeting the financial demands of the press, in any way you might be able to extend a hand. To show this gratitude, and to compensate you for your generosity, I am offering several options of goods and services that you can choose from, as well as by giving 10% to https://www.waterbridgeoutreach.org/

The options to treat yourself, or to gift others:

* Surprise Bag: Get 3 surprise books of your preferred genre(s) for $30!

* $100 Club: Prepay for $100 worth of new releases &/or books of your choice. We will send the books to you as you request them.

* Bulk Orders: If you would like to order in bulk for a book club or other reason, you will receive a 30% discount when you order from this site.

Live in Seattle?

* Pet sitting or dog walking, if you live in West Seattle – $25/day

* One Reiki Treatment ~ $65 or a 4-Session Reiki package ~ $200. Info: https://liftreikiseattle.org/

Please email me your contribution amount and address after donating through the donate button, and I will send you a certificate and/or package of books immediately, whichever your choice(s) may be. There is no exp date. If you would like to be on a list of names for supporters or not, please let me know. Thank you so much!