Artrage, audiobook

Fiction. Respected attorney and well-known art collector, Mace Caslon walks into the Metropolitan Museum of Art and throws acid on Universal Woman, a forty-one million dollar Picasso. This provocative act throws him into the center of a media-crazed frenzy: Exploitative television personalities, enraged museum officials, terrified collectors, confused dealers, aggressive lawyers, a U.S. Attorney on the make, instant psychiatrists, shocked ex-lovers, hyper-cool teenagers, hustler artists, and anti-art demonstrators each demand their time in the spotlight. The resulting chaos and media circus examine not only one man’s psyche but also a nation’s fascination for and curiosity about art, celebrity, and cultural values.
“In ARTRAGE, Everett Aison offers a witty, erudite and intellectually incisive insight to the mores of the contemporary art world.” -STATE OF ART MAGAZINE         
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Everett Aison is a co-founder of the School of Visual Arts Film School in New York and the former art director of Grossman Publishers. He has written several produced screenplays, including “Ted Sears,” “Growing Up In America,” and “Work In Progress.” He has written and directed three award-winning theatrical shorts: “Post No Bills!” “So Much In Common,” and “Choices.” Mr. Aison designed the posters and opening titles for numerous films, including Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo and Roman Polanski’s Knife in the Water. In addition to Arthur he has illustrated the children’s book The American Movie and in 2006 published his first novel, Artrage. For more on Everett Aison

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