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Dear appreciators of literature and the arts,

Pleasure Boat Studio: A Nonprofit Literary Press was founded in 1996 to champion unusual books of high literary merit—books with substance and imagination, a break from the mainstream. After 15 years in NYC, Pleasure Boat Studio is again based in the Pacific Northwest, where it began, a region which has become a magnet for powerful visionary individuals and businesses.

It’s well known that the current economy is tough for independent presses. There’s a very small profit margin after the printing and shipping of books, certainly not enough to properly fund the press.

Do you like tax deductions? 

If those two words appeal to you, you have the opportunity to join a movement to advance good writing whilst receiving some. Pleasure Boat Studio is now a nonprofit organization, which means tax deductions for you, while supporting outstanding contributions that the world might not otherwise get to experience. 

Everyone at Pleasure Boat Studio is most grateful for your support in helping preserve this piece of independent press history, and to continue its legacy. Truly, more people should be reading these remarkable works. The worst that can happen: you read a good book bought from this site instead of sipping a couple extra lattes.

What funds will go to:

• Managing & yearly hosting price of the website

• Memberships to IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association), which offers discounts on book fairs and advertising & to one of our main distributors, Small Press Distribution

• Set up fees for books

• Book fairs

• Books for review

• Providing author copies

• Developing audio books

• Book trailers

• Marketing

• Large orders for book readings, inventory, distributors and college bookstores.

Another way to support authors is through commenting on Goodreads and Amazon. The more comments a book receives, the more it gets noticed and purchased by bookstores, libraries and readers. If you are interested in any of the 2018-2019 releases shown on the Homepage, and want a free book in exchange for a blurb, please contact me at 


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* Book Clubs: 30% discount for 3 or more of a book. Coupon code: bookclub

Thank you for supporting Pleasure Boat Studio & these literary gems worthy of broad readership! 

Comments by authors in support of the press.

“Without the continued viability of an independent literary press like  Pleasure Boat Studio, so many deserving voices would be silenced and so many deserving books would never be read. Pleasure Boat’s fierce commitment to both  authors and their works deserves recognition andsupport. As one of those fortunate authors benefiting from Lauren Grosskopf and Pleasure Boat Studio, I know the inestimable joy of seeing one’s work in print and knowing it will now find readers who will bring life and worth to its existence. Pleasure Boat Studio plays an essential and significant role in elevating the cultural spirit of our country and the world.” – Robert Karmon, author of  Isaac

“Pleasure Boat Studio not only published my first book of essays in 1998, but has remarkably kept most of my out-of-print books of poetry and my novel from extinction and early death. I can’t be grateful enough to Jack Estes and Lauren Grosskopf  for the heroic work they have done. In a world run by profit and hype, they truly CARE about literature, aboutauthors, about their own integrity. In their own small way, they are a national treasure.” – Michael Blumenthal, author of Because They Needed Me: Rita Miljo and the Orphaned Baboons of South Africa; Weinstock Among the Dying; Days We Would Rather Know; When History Enters the House: Essays from Central Europe


“Pleasure Boat Studio is a treasure in the book world.It publishes those of us who don’t have a big name, like Stephen King, shepherds our work carefully, gives us a voice that otherwise would be muted. If we allow a press like Pleasure Boat Studio to sink, then the world of letters that publishedJohn Steinbeck when he published work that sold less that a thousand copies will vanish. We allowed the Lord God bird to vanish and the Monarch butterfly is on the verge of extinction. We cannot let this happen to an independent press.” – Russell Hill, author of The Egret; Tom Hall and The Captain of All These Men of Death; Deadly Negatives


“Warm greetings! Yes, hang in there because your publishing house is a meaningful one. Thank you! I/ we are here to supportthe Press. Lots of courage, in solidarity.” -Maria C. de Vasconcelos, Translator of Monique and Kunuar by Luísa Coelho, & Phil Eggers


“I want PLEASURE BOAT to continue with the wonderful books.” – Esther Cohen,, author of Breakfast with Allen Ginsberg, Painting Brooklyn and God is a Tree and Other Middle-Age Stories 

With best wishes from,

Pleasure Boat Studio: A Nonprofit Literary Press, where every book is a journey.

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