Upcoming books

Winter, 2017:

Because They Needed Me: Rita Miljo and Her Struggle to Save the Orphaned Baboons of South Africa

by Michael Blumenthal

$25 casebound

PAPERBACK VERSION Available Maech 2017 - an aequitas book - $18 paperback


Isaac, fiction by Robert Karmon



by Baret Magarian


$29.95 - casebound

$19.95- paperback

also soon to be available as an ebook

Pub date: June 1, 2017

The Fabrications is a wildly inventive, comic novel centered around an original and bizarre idea: what if two people’s lives and thoughts became fused through the medium of fiction?

Spring, 2017:

Summer, 2017:

                         Waypoints, poetry by John Delaney


Fall, 2017:

Twilight in Danzig, fiction by Siegfried Fra