Tito Titus

  I Can Still Smile Like Errol Flynn, by Tito Titus

an empty bowl book


ISBN 978-0-912887-36-4

Description of Book

In I can smile like Errol Flynn Tito Titus interrogates life, aging, and death with a delicate blow torch.  These poems adore the beauty of youth and memory; fluently articulate the melancholy and nostalgia delivered by loss; and, with irreverence and awe, dicker with Death. Words used by reviewers include wry, wistful, fierce, searing, erotic, humor, regret, bravado, and longing. The book contains three sections: the diceyness of life without do-overs (“Can you hear me now?”); Titus’s chaos-fueled youth (“The beasts within”); and, Death and mortality (“Swish of a horse’s tail”).  Lovely women, dead men, bastards, saints, victims, flies, Richard Brautigan, Anne Carson, and wide pants—all that and more, idolized or cauterized by a poet’s pen.


Originally from the Oregon side of Hells Canyon, Tito Titus lives with his wife Kate near Puget Sound, Washington State. A retired environmental hearings examiner, he also worked as farmhand, range-fire fighter, carnival barker, soldier, art model, environmental activist, urban planner, and Seattle Design Commissioner.

His poems have appeared in numerous publications, including The Little Red Anthology; World Inside Designer Jeans, and Red Light District: Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2011 Literary Anthology. From 2004 to 2012, he regularly performed his poetry at Seattle’s Little Red Studio and with Floating Mountain Poets. 

His social and political satire appeared in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, Puget Soundings and Argus. Washington State’s King County honored him with its Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award for his service to elderly homeless people.

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an empty bowl book