Tim McNulty is a poet, essayist and nature writer who has long been active in Northwest literary and environmental communities. His poems are published in journals and anthologies in the U.S. and abroad; his essays and articles on forests, wildlife and conservation have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines, and his nature writings have been translated into German, Japanese and Chinese.

Tim is the author of ten books of poetry and eleven books of natural history. He has coauthored, with photographer Pat O'Hara, an award-winning series of books on national parks. Tim's Olympic National Park: A Natural History, which won the Washington Governor's Writers Award, has been reissued in a new revised edition by the University of Washington Press. His Washington's Mount Rainier National Park, which won the National Outdoor Book Award, is available from The Mountaineers Books. We’re very pleased to be able to offer some of Tim's poetry here at Pleasure Boat Studio: A Literary Press. Of the books we’re listing, In Blue Mountain Dusk was published by Broken Moon Press, a publisher which has gone out of business. Another, Cloud Studies, published by a division of Pleasure Boat Studio called Empty Bowl Press, was part of a larger collection that Tim published in the 1980s called Pawtracks. The two remaining books - Through High Still Air and Some Ducks - were published by Pleasure Boat Studio as part of their chapbook series. You can click on any of these books to get more information about them.

This just out (11/1/13): Tim McNulty's third poetry collection explores the universal themes of family, friendship, work, and solitude, all within the larger context of the natural world.

For McNulty that world embraces the mountains, rivers, forests, and coastlines of the Pacific Northwest where he has made his home for more than four decades. McNulty's clear voice and attentive eye bring the people, landscapes, and creatures that inhabit these poems vividly to life.



Tim lives with his family in the foothills of Washington's Olympic Mountains.

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tim mcnulty

To the left is a shot of Tim with Chip Hughes (Tim has the beard) while they were at Shi Shi Beach working on Robert Sund’s posthumous collection: Notes from Disappearing Lake (published by Pleasure Boat Studio).