pamela stewart
Pamela (Jody) Stewart has published several chapbooks and five full-length volumes of poetry, the most recent being The Red Window (U of Georgia Press, 1997). Her work has appeared in a number of anthologies including Dog Music, New York: Poems and two Pushcart Prizes. A Guggenheim Fellowship took her to Cornwall in the U.K. where she lived for seven years. She's happily ended up on a farm in Hawley, Massachusetts.

Some comments about GHOST FARM:

"Pamela Stewart casts her spell in these sharply seen, sometimes dreamlike poems inhabited by worlds of worms, birds, mosses, and stones where 'shoes have tongues and rise,' one tastes 'an eighth-note of smoke,' and 'dogs run silently through dry grass.' Dangers of fire, sickness, war erupt but the poet acknowledges song, and the 'mucking out,' the 'sorting of fleece' in the seasonal pull of farm life. Nature’s return of 'grief with its scrabble of hope at the root' is given its due. This is a luminous book exactly and generously orchestrated. I salute it." - Colette Inez, poet

"It's wonderful to have new poems by Jody Stewart, deeply internal and intensely lyrical, while at the same time stitched with the thread of myth, story-telling and country lore. These are sensuous, wise, and consoling poems." - Tony Hoagland

"To open Pamela Stewart's The Ghost Farm is to enter another world - invisible but wondrous. There, moonlight shines at noon and when 'sheep jump, their fleeces fall away,' ready for carding. A strange messenger tries to rescue the sun buried in a tree at forest's edge. These poems have the crystalline elegance of folklore, yet Stewart also meticulously details the dailiness of life on a farm. The Ghost Farm embodies a profound wisdom drawn from working closely with animals, surviving cancer, and living 'more flesh.' Stewart's poetic ear dazzles - and, oh, the glorious vision! Pamela Stewart is among our finest living poets." - Cynthia Hogue