nina talbot 
& esther cohen
Painting Brooklyn Stories 
of Immigration and Survival

In a shift for Pleasure Boat Studio, we have published the unique catalog book for Nina Talbot’s multi-media exhibition of paintings which will be shown at the Brooklyn Historical Society from Sept. 16, 2010, to Feb. 27, 2011. The show and the book includes oral histories curated by Rachel Bernstein, many of which have been turned into “bio-poems” by Esther Cohen (PBS author of God Is a Tree).

This project has been different for us, and we’re extremely pleased with the way it turned out. Laura Tolkow of FlushLeft has once again created a spectacular design for the book, both inside and outside.


Painting Brooklyn Stories * ISBN 978-1-929355-71-6

Paintings and poems, with introductions by Rachel Bernstein and by Kate Fermoile and Janice Monger