Baret Magarian
Martin Smith is a novelist, screenwriter, and teacher. His credits include Flora's Dream, Under the Rainbow. He lives in New York City with his wife and is at work on another book.

We are very proud to present Martin’s novella, Goodbye, Philip Roth. This is a strange and curious novella, a story that challenges the reader and won't let up: What is going on? What is the truth here? Who is this "Martin Smith" ( a fictional character easily confused with the author, who bears the same name) who is so obsessed with how America's great author, Philip Roth, is slowly and so very cleverly humiliating him, destroying his career? Is the narrator completely mad, or is there a basis for his paranoia, his obsession?

From the book: "By the time you read this, if there is anyone out there reading this, Philip Roth will probably have written twenty more novels, while I no doubt will be searching for answers to the same old questions without recognition or reward. My main purpose in putting the following down on paper—more selfish than not, I must admit—is to relieve myself of this Sisyphus-like burden I have thus far endured in Promethean silence by sharing it with you.
              "What’s driven me to the brink of madness is this strange power Roth has had over me the past few years, although we’ve never really met. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not accusing him of plagiarism or any other literary blasphemy; nor am I saying that he has stuck poisoned needles into a stuffed doll ofmy image, or conjured up the symptoms of writer’s block for me in a bubbling witch’s cauldron of his own design. Nothing that obvious. But like a disease that’s infested the spirit and reduced it to despair, he’s either taken up residence in my brain or parked alongside the curb of my eyebrow so he can eavesdrop on my every thought. I wouldn’t call it mind control yet, although it’s definitely heading in that direction."

There’s a touch of Poe, maybe some Nabokov, and a pinch of Kafka. It’s not a book for everyone, but it is a book which a reader is not likely to forget for a long long time.