luisa coehlo

Portuguese in nationality, born in Angola, Luisa Coelho holds a PhD in Portuguese Literature from the University of Utrecht, Netherlands, and has taught at European universities. Additionally she has degrees in German Philology and Theories of Political Science. She has mastered eight European languages and has published a number of academic articles. Her works of fiction include O canto de amor das baleias (The Love Song of the Whales), 1992; Cavalgar um Raio de Luz (Riding a Beam of Light) 2000; Os espaços do desejo— contos eróticos (The Spaces of Desire: Erotic Tales (2004); and has edited Intimidades—Antologia de contos eróticos femininos portugueses e brasileiros (Intimacies: An Anthology of Portuguese and Brazilian Women’s Erotic Tales), 2005. She is presently a visiting professor at the University of Brasilia, Brazil.