Kevin Miller has worked in the public schools of Washington State for thirty-six years. Miller has taught in public schools in Blaine, Gig Harbor, and Olympia, Washington. He currently teaches special education at Washington Middle School in Olympia. In 1990-91 he was a Fulbright Exchange teacher at Grenå Handelsskole, Grenå, Denmark. Miller lives in Tacoma, Washington.

Home & Away

The Old Town Poems

ISBN: 978-1-929355-48-8

Price: $15 (trade paperback) * 85 pages  

In these poems, Kevin Miller drafts people, characters, images and events out of their familiar locations and contexts and weaves them into new situations, creating unexpected connections, original experiences. This new town is the locale of Miller's vital imagination. Probably we all have an old town in us, in our memories or dreams.
Miller invites us into his town, shares its truths and textures. And in the generous spirit of the man and poet, these poems are also an invitation to all of us, in whatever way we can, to forge and populate an old town of our own.

“To appreciate the title and content of Kevin Miller's Home & Away: The Old Town Poems, go to his poem "Dishes." Sometimes we rise early to get away, away from the drudgery of half sleep and its attendant causes. Sometimes we get up to make home of the morning. Maybe we wash the dishes. At home, everyone takes a turn with the dishes. We put on the coffee and let everyone sleep this morning. Home is a quiet, great place. Away, outside the little window above the sink, we know there's a world as big as a house. It's not home. It's away. We live there, too. But it's not home. Our sleeves are rolled up; our hands are in the hot water. We are handling the domestic and foreign. It is in the details, the inside edge of a bowl coming clean in our hands and the tree and the sky through the window.” —Barry Grimes

“Whether looking down into a gully of deer and stolen bicycles or waiting at the roadside stand while Clancy's knife slices a golden delicious, I'm compelled to trust this poet's vision. So quickly the everyday escapes its paper box to linger, ghostly and lovingly persistent…. Reading Home &Away, The Old Town Poems, this reader is held captive by wisdom and longing, blessings and heart.” —Kathi Morrison-Taylor


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