Dr. Janet O. Dallett now lives in Port Townsend, Washington, having spent a career as a Jungian analyst, in California and Washington. In addition to having published numerous scholarly articles and four very well-received books, Dr. Dallett has taught, lectured, and led workshops throughout North America. She is the founder of the Jung Society of Port Townsend and its offshoot, the Edinger Reading Group.

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Dr. janet o. dallett

Some comments

Listening to The Rhino is a masterpiece easily readable for introvert and extravert. I opened it to glance through yet another book, but read it cover to cover.” Robert A. Johnson, D. Hum., Author of Inner Work, Ecstasy, and Living Your Unlived Life

“Dr. Dallett's latest book, Listening to The Rhino: Violence and Healing in a Scientific Age, seems both a departure from her earlier work, and a further development of it. The departure is her writing style, which feels rougher, more urgent and direct, which supports her compelling subject matter:

- The importance of consciousness and the risks of viewing both good and evil uncritically

- The clear danger of pretending the dark side of life can be ignored.

- The demands of healing vs. the growing use of pills to cover up painful symptoms.

- The perils of the unspoken assumption that "Happiness is the only proper state of mind." 

- The vital nature of the wounding or healing "Rhino" in each of us, the irrational
psyche to which we must attend.”  Nicholas French, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst

“Janet Dallett has done it again.  With candid and clear prose, she has unearthed a truth.  There resides in the human psyche a principle which is instinctual and which holds the power to wound or heal.  How conscious we are of our inner nature may determine how this force appears in the personal and collective psyche.  Dallett aids us in that process.” J. Pittman McGehee, D.D., Diplomate Jungian Analyst

“What we have in this small book is the fruit of a penetrating mind nourished by long experience of the psyche, and now offering us the essence of that experience, fueled by passionate concern over issues of today’s world. Don’t be deceived by the small size of the book or the informality of the language. Only a profound understanding can put forth such subtle and complex ideas in such apparently plain talk.” Deborah A. Wesley, Jungian Analyst and Scholar       

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