Inger Frimansson was born in 1944 in Stockholm and grew up in various places in the middle of Sweden. Today she lives in Södertälje, a town not far from Stockholm, with her husband Jan. As a young girl Inger Frimansson won a number of literary competitions, among them, the so-called Little Nobel Prize in 1963. She started her career as a working journalist, and she made her debut as a writer of serious fiction in 1984 with her novel The Double Bed (Dubbelsängen). In 1997, she published her first full-fledged psychological thriller, I Will Fear No Evil (Fruktar jag intet ont).

A significant breakthrough in her writing career occurred in 1998 with the publication of Good Night, My Darling (Godnatt, min älskade), which was voted Best Mystery Novel of the Year by the Swedish Academy of Mystery Authors. The jury's citation included this appreciation: "A psychological thriller about senselessness and revenge that doesn't loosen its grasp of the reader's attention for the length of the book."

In autumn 2002, The Island of Naked Women (De nakna kvinnornas ö) was published, a thriller about vehement passion and unprovoked manslaughter. Hidden Tracks (Mörkerspår), 2003, followed with more rave reviews from the critics, as did the recent The Shadow in the Water (Skuggan i vattnet), awarded with The Swedish Academy of Mystery Authors Award for Best Swedish Crime Novel 2005. She is the only female crime author ever to receive this award twice.

Inger Frimansson's novels are translated into several languages and are published in various editions in Norway, Latvia, Holland, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Bulgaria, and Germany. We at Pleasure Boat Studio are privileged to have brought Inger’s books to an English-reading audience through the excellent translations of Laura Wideburg (winner of the Best Translation of the Year Award from ForeWord Magazine for her translation of Good Night, My Darling). [See Laura’s biography at the bottom of this page.] In the near future, we will be publishing a fourth Frimansson thriller, The Cat Who Wouldn’t Die.

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Once again, Inger Frimansson takes her readers into the dark hearts of our friends and neighbors. Her crime novels are unsettling in their deep examination of everyday human lives. Frimansson's characters are not evil, nor are they particularly unique. They get caught up in desperate actions, though, which inevitably lead to more desperate actions. And the deeper they go, the more difficult it is for them to escape. It is easy to identify with her protagonists, and therein lies the attraction of her writing. The dark Scandinavian noir style clearly lives in Inger Frimansson.

As Publishers Weekly put it: "A note of impending doom never lets up. Some readers might finish this mercilessly grim book with a sigh of relief."


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About the translator: Laura A. Wideburg

    Laura A. Wideburg was born in Waukegan, Illinois and beganto learn Swedish when she was a school exchange student in Vrigstad, Sweden. She studied at the University of Illinois, where she wrote an honors thesis on the plays of Hjalmar Bergman. She continued her studies at the University of Washington, where she completed her Ph. D. in historical linguistics and medieval German literature.

    Her first writing project was the script for Topics Instant Immersion German, and she also participated as voice talent for the audio series. She then decided to pursue translation and began to translate the poetry of Niklas Rådström, which appeared in various literary journals.

    Her first book-length publication was Good Night, My Darling by Inger Frimansson, which won the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Best Translated Book in 2007. She followed this novel with two more by Inger Frimansson: The Shadow in the Water (2008) and Island of the Naked Women (2009). All three Frimansson thrillers were published by Caravel Books, a division of Pleasure Boat Studio.

    An economics book (author: Per Skedinger) will appear in 2010 in Laura Wideburg’s translation from Swedish. She is presently working on The Cat Did Not Die, also by Inger Frimansson, which will appear in 2010 as well.

    Laura A. Wideburg lives in Seattle with her husband, two children and two cats.

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