Charles Long
Born in Bremerton and raised in Oak Harbor on the Puget Sound, C.C. (Charles) Long graduated from Washington State University and then moved to New York City where he wrote advertising copy at several agencies. He lived in London twice, for two years in the eighties and six years in the nineties, where he painted and wrote. He also travelled around the world with his wife. His painting career started when he found an easel on the streets of Manhattan.  
           His art is presently represented by Project Room 88 in Manhattan and Art Movement in London. He has been published in various literary reviews both in America and Europe and for the last three years has been writing a featured column for Flux Magazine, a British art journal, called “Our Man In Manhattan,” a column that has been described as a “fast growing cult with many fans.”  He also writes a column called “Onion Soup” for the new culture magazine, Unchin. He lives in Manhattan with his wife Rebecca, daughter Isabel, and dog Bertha, and he visits the Puget Sound often where his mother and many good friends still live. 
       Charles can be contacted at or at 917-415-7194.

...Cows falling from the sky, whales exploding, magical shaman masks,

boys becoming sasquatches, experiencing an earthquake in the Space Needle, the myth of the gun that Kurt Cobain killed himself with and an albino man-child who could be the next coming are just some of the images in the stories that all take place in the area that arabesques the magical watery landscape.  These are a runaway train of stories, images and people who call the area their home some bordering on the surreal some so real you can smell the Puget Sound...


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