Albert A. Dalia is a China scholar with four decades of study, research, and experience in medieval Chinese history and culture. Two decades ago, after earning two masters degrees and a Ph.D. in Chinese history and religion, he turned to fiction writing and produced a series of published short stories and, now, his first novel. For more information, please go to

Dream of the Dragon Pool is his first novel after publishing a string of short stories also set in his beloved medieval China. His award winning novel tells of the quest by China’s favorite poet-adventurer, Li Bo, to renew his artistic and spiritual essence by traveling up the great Yangtze River to serve out a death exile sentence imposed by the emperor of China.

Dalia is on his own quest to establish one of East Asia’s most popular and most venerable literary genres, wuxia (“heroic fiction”), as a storytelling form in English fiction. Every culture has its own form of “heroic fiction.” China’s is particularly popular now a days and Dream of the Dragon Pool is off to an impressive start.

The author is presently working on an adventure trilogy set in seventh century China, which one Chinese film maker characterized as “a Chinese Lord of the Rings.” He is available for television, radio, and press interviews to talk about his award-winning fiction and its roots in China’s ancient literary traditions.



“...for those who love China and its culture and journeys into imaginary worlds, this action packed novel will be a real treat.”

                                                        _  Nosh Nunberg, Journal of Asian Martial Ars

Albert Dalia’s Dream of the Dragon Pool – A Daoist Quest was named a Finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s 2007 Book of the Year Award – for Science Fiction/Fantasy. This honor follows the same book’s having been named a Finalist in the USA Book Awards and a Winner in Online Book of the Year in Fiction Awards.

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ISBN 978-1-929355-34-1 / 335 pages / $18

Dream of the Dragon Pool – A Daoist Quest is a multifaceted novel woven around the historical fact of the death-sentence exile of China’s best loved poet-adventurer, Li Bo (also Li Bai, 701-762 A.D.). This is an adventure story of magic, myth, and occult powers written as traditional Chinese-style wu-xia (heroic) fiction. The imaginative cast includes a ghost-catching drunken monkey; a mysterious swordsman- musician; a “dream assassin” (who can kill people through their dreams); and a blond, green-eyed, Central Asian female ghost, enslaved by the Blood Dragon’s powers. It’s a tale you’re not likely to forget.

Now available in Chinese language (in Taiwan).

Here’s how the Taiwan version cover looks: